updated 11.03.19

Mr. Meowji was born on 2/2/19. He is being released due to closing of cattery. Pet Price is $1600 breeder price is $3500. He and his parents have been genetic tested and cleared. his Mother is European and Father is American. He is TICA registered.


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Yuna was born on 3/16/2019 she is being released due to closing of cattery pet price $1600 breeder price $3500 both her parents are European imports.

Available Alters

From time to time we have a kitten or a Retiring Queen that we have raised and later decide not to incorporate into or retire from our breeding program. When this happens we alter them and make them available at the cost of vetting. These are still very loving Maine Coons.

Hercules is an 18 month old neutered Black Smoke male that we are trying to place for a fellow cattery that needs to downsize.  $650

Xena is an imported Maine Coon, she was born in December of 2017. Xena has never had kittens and is a very loving cat. Do to things not in her control or ours she has been spayed and is available for the cost of her vetting.


Opal was born on 04/02/2017. She is a CFA registered Maine Coon, that has had 1 litter of kittens. She has been spayed and is awaiting her forever home as a very loving pet. Adoption fee $500

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