A Maine Coon Cattery devoted to breeding high quality healthy kittens.
JustaKatz is an in home cattery.  Where cats are family and kittens are an addition. Here at JustaKatz we are devoted to breeding quality healthy kittens, and to place them in forever loving approved homes. Kittens from JustaKatz represent the wild appearance that is the ONLY native breed to North America. With a feral appearance, their playful personality and high intelligence for understanding human emotions, truely making them gentle GIANTS.

Wait list Policy:
This is the new policy regarding the procedures and policies of purchasing pet kittens. We feel this is the only way to make it fair for everyone who wants kittens.
As of May 1, 2019 due to the high volume of prospective pet parents, we will be implementing the Wait List procedures for obtaining kittens. The following explains the procedures.
Our Maine Coon females will have on average four to seven kittens per litter and we have few if any Breeding Plans for 2020!
Kittens are held and offered to the Wait List prior to the general public. Kittens are placed in the order of Wait List fees received. Kitten ‘Buyer’ has the right to pass if the color and/or gender is not born or available when it is your turn to choose a kitten and placement on the Wait List is not forfeited. 
JustaKatz has the right to keep any kitten for our own personal breeding program.
Please Keep in mind. 
The waiting list is for those who would like to have priority in choosing their kitten in upcoming
litters, securing a kitten if there is higher demand than available kittens. The waiting list will be contacted in order when kittens are available, and will be given a 24-72 hour period to make a selection before the next individual will be given their selection and/or kittens will be made available for others to reserve them.
Wait List fee: $500 non-refundable. This is deducted from the total purchase price of the kitten. Once you have been notified of the litter being  These funds comes off of the total purchase price as well. Once the kittens are old enough to go to their new homes the remainder of the purchase price must be paid 10 days prior to kitten leaving. Fees may be paid by invoice via credit card ( processing fees for this service apply) or in person with cash.
(Ex: $1800-$500=$1300+ delivery cost)
We do offer shipping/delivery at cost as a service, those fees are based on current pricing of travel.
Those will be discussed and covered with you on an individual basis.
 You are always welcome to pick up your kitten with arrangements made in advance.
If for ANY reason the kitten is not fit or well enough to be placed- OR YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND-your money will be applied to a new kitten, not refunded.
Because we imported our lines at great trouble and expense, breeding and show kittens are sold to a select few-
The price for these are $3500 and they come with a lot of strings attached.
If you have ever bred or shown anything you are aware of what I mean and why.
It doesn’t hurt to ask- but be prepared to know we will have to discuss and think about it.

​Scorpio   August 2017                                                     Velvet and daughter April 2017

A Maine Coon Diet

Maine Coons (all cats actually) are obligate (strict) carnivores. What does it mean to be an ‘obligate carnivore’?  Obligate carnivores or "true" carnivores depend on the nutrients only found in animal flesh for their survival. While they may consume small amounts of plant material, they lack the physiology required for efficient digestion of vegetables.
 For all the information you will ever need about feeding an appropriate species diet, Go to this website: Feline Nutrition Foundation